Chi Alpha Sigma

The mission of Chi Alpha Sigma is to bring honor and recognition to deserving student-athletes, their families, teams, athletic departments and colleges. To be considered for induction student-athletes must be a junior with a 3.4 cumulative GPA, possess good moral character and must earn a letter in a varsity sport.

2018 Induction Class
Peter Abate (baseball)
Tiana Edwards (women's soccer)
Megan Elphick (women's volleyball, softball)
Jack Finnegan (baseball)
Drew Johndrow (women's soccer, lacrosse)
Kate McCormack (women's XC, basketball, lacrosse)
Francesca Pinard (women's XC, basketball, lacrosse)
Domenico Santiago (men's basketball)
Andrew Storton (men's soccer)
Zavier Veliz (men's soccer)
Jacquelyn White (women's soccer, lacrosse)

2017 Induction Class
Samantha DelConte (softball)
Yianni Longinidis (men's soccer)
Taylor Saja (women's soccer)
Orson Sinclair (tennis, men's golf)
Lauren Tompkins (women's volleyball)

2016 Induction Class
Matt Grudgen (men's golf)
Taylor Kadlec (women's soccer)
Andrew Nigro (men's soccer)
Lindsay Noble (women's soccer)
Jessica Shepherd (women's basketball)
Sophie Spiller (women's soccer)

2015 Induction Class
Rivkah Berkman (softball)
Savannah Boyle (women's basketball)
Drew Doyle (baseball)
A.J. Fialkowski (men's lacrosse)
Shannon O'Neil (softball)
Zack Rocheleau (men's soccer, men's tennis)
Dazjavia Williams (women's basketball)

2014 Induction Class
Bridget Burns (women's cross country)
Jordan Cook (men's soccer, men's lacrosse)
Nick Donahue (men's soccer)
Michael Edwards (men's cross country, men's tennis)
Chris Heller (men's golf)
John McGowan (men's golf)
Peter McTernan (baseball)
Evan Peck (baseball)
Michael Pinkerton (men's golf)
Lindsey Romagnino (softball)
Samantha Ryan (women's tennis, women's basketball, softball)

2013 Induction Class
Drew Castagna (men's cross country)
Jeff Dowling (baseball)
Chris Joy (men's lacrosse)
Alexa Litwak (women's tennis)
Kenneth Olszewski (baseball)
Breanna Poirier (women's cross country)
David Sabilia (men's lacrosse)
Zachary Simmons (men's soccer, men's tennis)
Taylor Zaldivar (men's golf)

2012 Induction Class
Jennie Austin (women's volleyball)
Rocco Devona (men's tennis)
Malorie Klieber (women's soccer)
Tiffany Person (softball)
Rebecca Tabak (women's soccer, women's basketball)
Nicole Terni (women's volleyball)
Arianna Thomas (women's volleyball)

2011 Induction Class
Steve Barnett (men's soccer)
Josh Charles (men's cross country, men's lacrosse)
Dustin Huguenin (men's soccer)
Kailee Hyde (women's cross country, women's basketball)
Anna Irons (women's soccer)
Tad Maynard (men's golf)
Ricardo Mclean (men's soccer)
Allison Peck (women's basketball)
Shannen Pelletier (women's soccer, softball)
Kelly Ryan (women's volleyball)
Andrew Small (men's tennis)
Marissa Thomas (softball)

2010 Induction Class
Jennifer Bordonaro (women's volleyball, softball)
Morgan Lindsay (women’s soccer)
Alix O’Neil (women’s basketball)
John Pescheta (men’s golf)
Brittany Smyth (women’s cross country, basketball)
Christopher Vandale (men’s lacrosse)

2009 Induction Class
Eric Appleby (men's cross country)
Mike DePaolo (men's basketball)
Lindsey Donelin (women's soccer, softball)
Elizabeth English (women's soccer)
Brian Marciniak (men's basketball)
Heather-Renaé Powers (women's volleyball)
Kelly Reynolds (women's volleyball, softball)

2008 Induction Class
Catherine Aleman
Jessicca Calcaterra
Alex Chatilovicz
Elizabeth Roy
Sarah Senetcen
Jennifer Travella